Piano Lessons

Are You Looking for Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons are the perfect choice for anyone. The piano is the foundational instrument, providing a solid base by learning how to read treble and bass staff. Whether you are looking to become a classical pianist or play in a band, you need an experienced piano teacher who can deliver the lessons you are looking for.

Michelle Ostrove has been a career musician for decades and has worked with Hollywood celebrities as well as world-famous bands members. She takes those experiences into each and every music lesson she offers. No matter if you are a beginning student or a career musician looking for piano lessons, she can help you connect with new skills on one of music’s oldest instruments. Michelle teaches music theory in every lesson; this provides a student with a well rounded knowledge of music.

The piano is a great instrument to learn no matter where you are in your musical career. The fundamentals of music are best understood through the keyboard or a piano. The ability to freely play the piano allows you to quickly and efficiently create  your musical ideas. That is why the piano is the ideal instrument for anyone to learn.

You deserve to have a piano teacher with proven experience that can elevate your relationship to your music. Connect with Michelle Ostrove to sign up for your piano lessons and start a new chapter in your musical career today!