5 Amazing Songwriting Tips

Music training is not a must for songwriting, but you need to have the ability to play piano, guitar or sing to help put the ideas from your brain into song form. A song is made up of chords, melody, rhythm and lyrics. Here are some tips to help guide you along.

1. Find an idea or message you feel passionate about; whether it’s love or a break-up, write about what interests you. Try to look at the subject matter from a fresh angel.

2. Create a simple melody; the easiest melodies stand the test of time. For instance, The Beatles’ songs “Let It Be” or “Yesterday”, they are simple and unforgettable. All someone needs to do is play the first three notes to “Yesterday” and everyone knows the song (see blog 1/8/21 “Simple Way to Write A Melody”).

3. Choose a simple set of chord changes. For instance, Sam Smith’s song “Stay with Me” was written with three main chords Am, F, and C throughout the entire song, in that exact order (see blogs 10/19/20, 1020/20, 10/23/20 “How Do Cords Word”).

4. Find a good, comfortable place to write. Some people enjoy the beach, desert, mountains, or a busy public park; whatever meets your needs so that you can focus and be inspired. I personally find it very easy to focus in a car when someone is driving. Some people get car sick, I find it very easy to focus. And when you write the lyrics use unexpected words use & phrases. Also, have an attention-grabbing opening line.

5. Have the confidence within yourself to put your story, your feelings, your heart and soul in a song. Share your story and experiences with others. When you share from personal experience, people will relate to the song.

If you keep your feelings close to the surface and don’t bury them, you open a treasure chest of emotions for your songwriting skills, singing voice and when playing the piano or any instrument (tap into that resource). Embrace the good and bad feelings and use them for your artistry!

I have attached an original song written by Robin Munson sung by Audrey Diaz called “Boys”.


What do you call clean music? A soap opera!

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