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There are five types of musical accents; the first accent looks like this > and the accent instructs the player to play particular notes louder. It is an emphasis or strong attack placed on a particular set of notes (or note). If the accent mark is standing up like a teepee it’s called a marcato (the hammer) and you play it as loud as the accent and short like a staccato. The accent is placed above or below a note.

The third type of accent is called a staccato. It is a dot placed above or below the note head. The dot indicates that the player should cut the note short. And the last two types of accents, which are rarely used, are staccatissimo (cutting off the note even faster than a staccato) and tenuto (holding the note for it’s full value).

The accents contribute to articulation (how notes sound) for singing and piano playing. I have attached Sophia Johnson singing “Pulled” which has many staccato accents) in her singing, especially in verse 3 that starts with puppy dogs. You can also hear the piano chords being played with staccato accents as well.


What kind of phone makes music?

A saxophone

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