There are five vocal techniques that are needed to be a masterful singer. All types of music can be broken down into different techniques and stylistic choices. Using the five vocal techniques below will help you to be a well-rounded vocalist for any genre of music you decide to sing. We will be discussing full belting, mixed belting, breathy, bridging vocal breaks and head voice.

Full belting is used by pop singers, as well as Opera; it is used in most styles of music. Every singer wants to be able to belt out notes in a strong and powerful way. Belting is a loud and commanding way to sing. A vocalist should not blast out an entire song. You need to be self-aware and at the right volume for each part of a song, build the song and add the belting at the right moments.

Mixed Belting is a lighter form of full belting, but a heavier and chestier sound than the head voice. It will produce a fuller sound but not as loud and commanding as a full belt.

The third technique is breathy singing, also known as aspirate singing. This is a breathy and airy sounding voice in all ranges. There are some notable singers who have built their careers with this technique like Regina Spektor and Ellie Goulding. Singers will use this technique in the verses and outros of a song.

The next technique you should working on is bridging the vocal registers so that you can eliminate the voice breaks in your singing. This technique will help you develop a mixed voice, enabling you to move from one register to another seamlessly and without any shift in your vocal sound.

Lastly, learning how to sing with your head voice. I’ve working with countless singers who insisted they cannot access their head voice. This is simply not true; you just need to know how to get there and what it feels like when you sing with your head voice.

What singer encompasses all of these wonderful techniques in their singing…Christina Aguilera. She is one of my favorite singers, with her versatility, power, control, color and amazing range. She can sing any song and use all of the above techniques in her singing.


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