Do you want to vastly improve your singing? There are some important and necessary steps to take. Let’s look at the basics first:

1. You should always warm up your voice before singing.

2. Get rid of any tension, you need to stay relaxed.

3. Choose songs that have meaning to you; you need to be able to feel the song and express your emotions when you sing a song (see blog 8/18/20 “Music Is Shorthand for Emotion”).

4. Stay on pitch!! (see blog 12/28/20 “Vocal Control – Staying on Pitch”)

5. Solid support system including breath control (breath/diaphragm support) is vital for any singer (see blog 1/9/21 “Vocal Power – Strong Support!).

Phase two of improvement:

1. Find your style of singing, which songs move you. What types of music do you enjoy singing?

2. Developing a confident attitude, a diva attitude. Voice is one part talent and one part confidence; you need both (see blog 9/10/20 “Building Confidence!”).

3. Learn from your favorite singers; mimic their annunciation and style in the beginning.

Develop your own style by incorporating the favorite styles of each singer you love (see blog 12/5/20 “Creating Your Own Unique

Listen to Trishia Uy singing “Not For The Life Of Me.” You can hear the emotion and good technique in her performance of the song.


Who is a grain harvester’s favorite musical artist? Hall’n Oates

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