• Michelle Ostrove


Do you want to add a little more color and texture to your singing? Try adding vibrato in just the right places in a song. What is vibrato? It is the rhythmic pulsation and bend in pitch (the note). Vibrato can happen with a singer holding a note, a stringed instrument mimicking the vocal function. It can also happen with a keyboard (not a piano) using the pitch bender or a stringed instrument mimicking the vocal function. It sounds like a wobble or fluctuation when singing or playing a note.

Vibrato comes in all different shapes and performed faster or slower with different textures and tones. Every singer has their own unique vibrato style. For instance, Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire have a very fast vibrato; Celine Dion and Whitney Houston fluctuate in their pace, using faster and slower with controlled. Each singer brings their own texture and tones. When a singer performs a ballad (slower song), the quieter tone vibrato is used. The vocalist needs to set the mood with their voice. Vibrato is also used to heighten a very powerful moment in a song. It is also used as a beautiful finish for a musical phrase or moment in a song. If a singer is holding (sustain) a note for a length of time and ending the note with vibrato shows the power and control in a singer.

Listen to Katie Williams singing “I Dreamed A Dream” with beautiful vibrato; so controlled and listen to how she holds a note (staying on the pitch) and then adds vibrato at the end; excellent control and pitch!


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