Part of getting the most out of your singing voice is to understand your own voice type. When you have a better understanding of your own anatomy, you are more able to know what to expect from your voice. So make sure you read the last blog about “Unlocking The Key To Your Voice”. Knowing your voice type is really handy if you want to sing in a community choir, audition for a music theatre production or join a vocal ensemble. We are going to look at six common voice types. Typically in a choir there are four categories soprano, alto, tenor and bass; this blog will look at two more as well, the mezzo-soprano and baritone. We will start from the highest voice and work our way down to the lowest voice.

1. Let’s begin with the highest female voice, which is the soprano singer. The soprano has the highest vocal range of all voice types and in a choir the soprano’s usually sing the melody.

2. The next voice down is the mezzo-soprano, which is the middle female voice and the most common of female voices. This type of female singer dominates the pop, rock, country, and blues music.

3. The lowest type of female voice is the alto singer. Singing alto is all about hitting low notes with a warm, open tone instead of a breathy singing voice. While sopranos generally carry the melody in a group, the altos supply the harmony, which gives the choir a fuller rich sound.

4. The tenor voice is typically the highest of male voices. As a singer, you can reach those high tenor notes by expanding your vocal range. You need to mater both chest voice and falsetto, blending them together in a mixed voice.

5. The baritone voice is the next voice range down. It is in between a bass and tenor voice and overlaps both of them. It is the middle range voice for a man.

6. The bass is the lowest range for a male singing voice. The bass tone sound is characterized by a low, rich rumble with a ton of vocal weight.

The previous blog gave the ranges of the different voice types, as well as a famous singer in that particular range. Find your vocal range and voice type with a qualified vocal coach!


What famous dance music did Charles Dickens write? Oliver Twist.

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