Create Your Best Singing Voice!

To create your best singing voice, it all starts with phonation. The process of sound starts with the breath in from the abdominal area, a brief suspension of the air, and exhalation of the air. Phonation occurs when the air is exhaled. The exhalation is when the start of sound occurs and this is called initiation or vocal onset as discussed in previous blogs from last week: coordinated onset, aspirate onset, glottal (hard) onset, and vocal fry.

Phonation is the process of converting exhaled air pressure into an audible vibrational sound. As the air passes through the vocal cords (folds) it creates vibration in the cords (folds). In singing, the most important word is the first word in a phrase! The first word requires proper initiation of the air released and the sound. The vocal cords (folds) give the singer control over the sound being produced.

Relaxation of your tongue and throat are crucial in order to create your best singing voice.

It takes a lot of practice to make a somewhat complex technique become second nature. Listen to Audrey Diaz sing “Killing Me Softly”, perfect example of beautiful phonation and initiation of sound!


What's the difference between a dog and a violinist?

A dog knows when to quit scratching.

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