Being able to continuously and consistently sing over a long period of time requires endurance. How do you build that endurance? Well, it’s just like an athlete in training, it takes time. To build your endurance can be fun; put together a workout playlist. I personally like to work on songs by Christina Aguilera, Cheryl Crow, Shania Twain and Whitney Houston. The songs I choose have a wide vocal range, different styles, vocal runs, mixed voice, and register shifts that I use to keep my voice in shape. Put together a set of songs, as well as vocal exercises, that will give your voice a real workout. Gradually add more songs and exercises to your vocal workout playlist.

It’s important to sing without straining; if you are singing incorrectly, your voice will start to wear out in a short amount of time. Proper breathing, diaphragm support and larynx positioning will allow you to sing for hours without problems. If some notes are to high or to low, gradually increase your range over time. A marathon runner doesn’t start running 26 miles; they start with a much smaller number and work their way up to 26 miles.

So start today by choosing some artists and songs that you like, make sure they challenge you. Begin practicing those songs along with vocal exercises everyday. Also, add a new song or two each week until you’ve put together your own vocal workout playlist and have fun!


Why does the orchestra have bad manners?

Because it doesn't know how to conduct itself

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