The singing voice is believed to be the original musical instrument. From the tribes of Africa to the colder, more isolated island of Greenland, regardless of where you are in the world, everyone sings and has there own genres of music! Singing is an ancient and universal practice in all cultures. It is an important function associated with religion, social groups and individual enjoyment.

All the sounds we make when we sing are the result of muscles contracting. The muscles in the chest that we use for breathing produce the flow of air that is needed for all singing; muscles in the larynx produce many different modifications in the flow of air from the chest to the mouth. After air passes through the larynx, it goes through the vocal tract, which ends at the mouth. Here the air from the lungs exhales into atmosphere producing a beautiful musical sound. We have a vast and complex group of muscles that can create changes in the shape of the vocal tract giving your vocal sound more color.

No one knows exactly when or where art music first evolved, but there is written evidence dating back to the Mesopotamian cultures from 3500 to 500 B.C. I’m sure singing dates back even further than that!


What’s the inscription on dead blues-singers tombstones?

“I didn’t wake up this morning…”

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