• Michelle Ostrove

Creating A Breathy, Growl or Balanced Vocal Sound

There are three basic approaches, the vocal onset, to initiate sound and one special method called vocal fry. Vocal onset is the way you initiate a pitch, or how you begin to sing a note. How you initiate a pitch effects the quality of your sound throughout the musical phrase.

The four vocal tone onsets are:

1. The coordinated onset (balanced onset), airflow & vocal folds are brought together at the same time. This will give a singer a well-balanced connection and a natural speaking voice sound.

2. The aspirate onset (soft onset), which is a breathy sound like Marilyn Monroe.

3. The hard onset (glottal or hard attack) on a note, which was covered in the last blog “How To Put A Spark In Your Singing”.

4. The vocal fry onset, (or growl onset) which is a unique technique used for growls or similar sounds used in gospel, rock and jazz singing.

For most singers, the coordinated onset is encouraged. The coordinated onset creates a well-supported note that is clear without tension. Every singer is different and it depends on what they natural lean towards.


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