Creating A Breathy Sound!

The aspirate onset is the soft vocal onset; it is the breathy singing voice like Marilyn Monroe. This is a fancy way of saying that you start with an “h” sound. The aspirate vocal onset happens when the vocal folds (cords) come together after the airflow has started to pass through.

Let’s do a little exercise, if you sing “Hey Jude” from the Beatles song; start with Hey, notice the vocal folds (cords) opening as you sing the H and the vocal cords come together as the rest of the word ‘ey’ is being sung. The vocal folds (cords) open as the air first passes though and then closes. When you sing the word Jude, you are now in a coordinated onset.

The aspirate onset is sometimes called the airy onset, the soft attack, soft onset or a breathy onset. Listen to Alexi Myers, she naturally has a softer, breathy, light and airy sound.


What did the drummer get on his I.Q. Test? Saliva.

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