Creating A Healthy Singing Voice

The most important fundamental technique in singing is that of a coordinated also called balanced onset. The onset is how you start a note or phrase: the beginning of sound. It is the balanced onset that gives you a clean start to initiate your sound. A coordinated/balanced onset occurs when the vocal folds are closed but not too closed. The singer with a balanced onset produces an easy sound that does not seem constricted or forced. How you start will determine the quality of the sound.

The coordinated onset is used for middle to loud volume singing and it is used to sing most of a song. This type of onset is where the breath and the sound are initiated together. A coordinated onset creates a well-supported note that is clear with no tension. This is the best type of onset for a healthy singing voice.

Listen to Trishia Uy singing “Speechless” with a balanced (coordinated) onset.


What do you call a hundred conductors at the bottom of the Ocean? A good start.

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