• Michelle Ostrove

Developing a Good Ear, Learn to Improvise!

Updated: Jan 16

Learning to read music is important for any good piano player and singer. Developing a good ear is crucial for creativity and it's a lot of fun.

For a singer, try to come up with some harmonies to a song while singing with an artist. Try singing a little higher or lower and blend with the singer.

Learn to improvise. While improvising may seem scary, particularly if you feel you barely know how to play, consider that improvising is how every child learns to speak their native language. Just as putting together words and phrases is what children do to learn to speak (and eventually write), putting together groups of notes in scale and chord patterns helps you learn the building blocks of music. Even better, improvising freeing and fun. So if you are at the piano, play every other note and see how they blend together.

Joke for the day: Why did the grandma sit in the rocking chair with her roller blades on? Because she wanted to rock and roll

In this video, listen to Robin takes an Adele song "One and Only" and changes the whole vibe of the song from Pop to Country.

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