Do You Have Excellent Technique?

Technique is a skillful way of executing a song, whether it is singing or playing the piano. Technique deals with the concept of tone, musicality and expression in your performance.

Proper vocal technique allows singers to produce a warm, rich sound that is conducive to achieving a good vocal performance. Your posture, breathing, opening your throat, dropping your jaw, thinking down for high notes, tongue down and chest up. All of these things will produce consistently good vocal technique.

Piano technique is the ability to create the right sound at the right time with the piano. It is the ability to understand the music and your interaction with the piano. Proper piano technique is not just about pushing the right keys. Technique is about the way you sit, how you drop your fingers onto the piano (which affect the sound of the piano). Correct posture and sitting position will allow you to translate energy from your entire body to the fingertips.

Excellent technique is the ability to have optimal control over the piano or singing performance, giving the artist the precise musical effects that they desire. Daily exercises will help sharpen you skills.


Where did the music teacher leave her keys?

In the piano.

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