Do You Have Star Potential?

What are the early signs? Children are full of potential and when they are given the right set of circumstance their talent will blossom. Does your child constantly sing or try to play a keyboard or piano whenever they can? Do you think your child has real talent?

If the child (or yourself) seems to spend a lot of time singing or playing on the keyboard, connecting to music in general and wants to sing for whomever will listen. That shows there is a real passion and potential for music. But it’s more than just a love for music.

Here are some important questions to answer:

1. Are they interested in the music or just being on TV?

2. Do they have a good voice and are they on pitch?

3. Do they sound good singing by themselves without any music?

4. Can they handle criticism and use it to improve?

5. Are they asked to sing at family gatherings or other events?

6. Are they self motivated or do you have to push them?

The child stars that I have worked with have a few things in common. There is a noticeable raw talent they display. They spend a lot of time on their own working on music, whether it’s working on their singing voice, writing lyrics for a song, making up their own melodies, or figuring out melodies while playing piano. They take the time to work on these things all by themselves. The self-motivation is there and it’s their dream, not their parents dream. The child will take correction and figure out how to fix the problem. No need to tell them to practice every day, they just do it because they love it. When they come back for their next voice lesson, corrections are fixed. Same with piano lessons, the child will practice whenever they have the chance and the parents don’t have to ask if they have practiced. I call it the trifecta: talent, motivation and self-discipline to blossom that talent into something amazing!

I have attached a video of Audrey Diaz at age 7, this was after 6 months of lessons. You can see her progress on Youtube throughout the years. Check out her video "My Boy" at age 13, she now has her own sound.


What do you get if you cross a sweet potato and a jazz musician? A yam session

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