The best age to learn to sing depends less on age and more on factors like self-motivation, available practice time and the ability to focus. Singing does not depend on fine motor skills and coordination, whereas piano does. If the motor skills have not developed, children will have trouble pressing down individual piano keys and coordinating finger movements. Those factors do not matter for singing, but a student should be mature enough to focus and follow instruction.

I have found starting a child between the age of 7 and 9 is the perfect age for someone who really loves to sing or play piano. The child has not developed any bad habits that would need to be reversed. They start with a clean slate and pick up instruction like a sponge. However, learning to sing correctly does take practice, focus and attention to detail. I have voice and piano students ranging from 6 years old to 70. So it’s never to late to start learning to sing the right way and improve your voice or to learn how to play piano. Piano is wonderful for the brain, it’s like learning a new language and it keeps your mind sharp. As you get older, it’s finding the time to practice that is usually the biggest problem!

One last point, the voice does go through changes during the transition from child to teen, and adult to senior adult. There are hormonal fluctuations and they do cause some vocal changes. It’s not a big deal, but something to be aware of. Based on my vast experience, a large number of individuals have performed very well, embarking on piano or voice lessons after 40 years of age. You just need to find the right music instructor!


What is the difference between a composer and a letter carrier?

One writes the notes, the other delivers them.

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