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Hitting higher and lower notes require a different approach for each. It is a different feel, vibration and technique. To expand your range is not difficult but does take time and persistence with proper technique preventing any damage to your vocal cords.

Lower notes occur with slower vibrating of the vocal cords and you will feel more pressure in the lower throat and chest area. When doing vocal exercises use the sound "Mah," you will feel the lower throat open and more pressure in the chest area.

Higher notes occur with faster vibrating of the vocal cords. To hit those higher notes, you need to think of reaching the note before the highest note and focus on that. When singing the high note, think down which will help prevent your larynx from rising too much.

To expand your vocal range, it’s all in your vocal exercises. Using the Bubble (motor boat sound) also called lip trills and the “R” roll which is the tongue trill (like rolling your R’s in Spanish) are the best ways to expand your range. Each time you do your exercises try to go a little higher and a little lower. Notice what it feels like in those high and low areas (open throat, no constricting of the throat muscles) take that same feeling in your throat when singing the song.

It’s also important to challenge yourself with songs that are a little higher and or lower than your vocal range. Bubble through those high and low areas, notice what it feels like in those problem areas. Now sing the song exactly the way it felt when you were bubbling it.

Increasing your range is a gradual process and does take time. If you can sing one note higher and lower each month that is great! Keep working at it! Just remember, even if you’ve expanded your range and stop working at you, you can lose that range much faster than the time it took to get there. You’ve heard the saying “if you don’t use it, you will lose it.” It’s the same with your vocal range, once you’ve expanded your range, keep working on it weekly, otherwise you will lose the progress you’ve made. Contact a professional Vocal Coach to help you accomplish perfect your voice.


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