• Michelle Ostrove


Finding your inner voice for inspiration is found in the quite calm of the inner you. It is the unique way you look at life and the things that go on around you. You should write about the things you know, feel and think, you will come up with something unique and different.

Nothing is ever perfect and the perfect songs come from the imperfections in our lives. They come from the problems, bliss and everyday life situations. That’s why other people connect and relate to them. We are always chasing the perfect song; it’s in the small details. You can have five people experience the same incident and the five stories will all be different. Each person will tell the story from their own perspective and life experiences to come up with their personal experience about the recent incident. Each person will see something a little different than the other. Some people are optimists and some people are pessimists so their views on a subject matter will be quite different. Some songwriters are able to create a powerful optimism through their songwriting, while others will create a sadness and or even hash anger. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

I’m always amazed when I hear a song being sung and the lyrics are sad and dark and yet the rhythm and melody tell a different story. The singer portrays a glim message as they sing the song and yet, the melody being played on the piano is cheery and upbeat. Write the song in the way you feel the song and present to the audience your perspective of the story!


What is Beethoven’s favorite fruit? Ba-na-na-naaaaa.

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