• Michelle Ostrove

Fixing A Weak Singing Voice!

It’s not a quick fix; learning how to strengthen and improve your singing voice takes time. It’s just like working out at the gym, it takes time to build up strength. There are many reasons why a singer has a weak voice. Let’s get back to the basics and start working on strengthening your singing voice.

A major cause of weak singing sound is using too much air when you are singing and weak muscles. Letting too much breath come through the vocal cords along with sound and not using the diaphragm and abdominal muscles (See blog 1/9/21 “Vocal Power). Practice pulling your breath down into your body. Many people take very shallow breaths that will not breath support, so you need to learn how to breathe in a way that makes best use of your lung capabilities.

Here is an exercise to strengthen your voice: inhale slowly and deeply, let the air move downward through your throat and into your body. Now hold your breath and try to increase the seconds, each time, as you hold air in your lungs without being uncomfortable. When you exhale, keep the diaphragm engaged and control the rate of exhalation. And make sure you exhale completely.

Always warm-up your voice with vocal exercises provided by your vocal coach. It’s just like working out in the gym, you stretch and warm up the muscles. Take your voice to the gym! You need to warm up your vocal cords before singing with good vocal exercises like the bubble and r roll (lip and tongue trills). Listen to Koko Higa sing “Sweetest Devotion” with excellent breath support and making the song her own.


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