• Michelle Ostrove

How Do My Vocal Cords Work?

Your vocal cords (folds) are two bands of muscle that sit horizontally inside your voice box (which is your larynx). When you breathe in they open and when you sing (exhaling), creating sound, they come together (resisting the air flow coming out) and the vibration from the cords produces the sound waves for your voice. Air pressure is converted into sound waves.

When you make sound (the exhale of air), there are two opposing forces needed to make the sound; air that is coming from your lungs up your windpipe vertically and the vocal folds closing horizontally over the windpipe to resist the air. This creates the air pressure, which in turn creates the sound.

Try this make the mmm sound (like something tastes good). Did you notice the vibrations? That’s the opening and closing of your vocal cords making the sound.

Listen to Haylee Villafana sing “Just Give Me a Reason” working those vocal cords! She maybe small but she has a big voice.


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