How Singing Works!

Breathing is so natural and automatic to us; it's hard to believe that we could be doing it wrong. Breath exercises for singing can dramatically improve the caliber of vocal performance.

Each note and phrase relies upon a source of air being exhaled in steady stream, holding the notes in place. Proper breathing for a singer is crucial!

In vocal pedagogy, producing vocal sound can be described like this: the diaphragm pushes the air from the lungs through the vocal folds (vocal cords), producing a “train” of air (picture a train on the tracks moving forward and the train is air). The train of air is shaped by the resonances (air vibrations) of the vocal tract. The train of air moves through the throat into the oral and sinus cavity. The key is to control the rate of speed and volume of air.

I have vocal exercises that help with breath control and mastering the air flow (through the diaphragm) in your breathing. You can get the exercises on this website: under Vocal CD.

The first two exercises really are amazing for this technique. Listen to Haylee sing "Hallelujah", this song took a lot of breath work.


What's the difference between a banjo and an onion? Nobody cries when you chop up a banjo.

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