• Michelle Ostrove


Every singer wants to be able to belt out notes in a strong and powerful way. Belting is a loud and commanding way to sing. A vocalist should not blast out an entire song. You need to be self-aware and at the right volume for each part of a song. You want the song to build.

It all starts with your breath support; it’s important to breathe from the diaphragm, not from the throat. To be able to belt in a controlled way, you need to use the muscles from the bottom of your throat to your tummy (your core). There are three important components when sustaining (holding) a note: make sure you are in the right key, on the right pitch, in the right tone (sounding the way you want it to sound). It’s all something that comes from your gut.

Make sure you are standing firm on your two feet and centering yourself (proper posture). When Whitney Houston belted out the chorus “I Will Always Love You,” she used power, focus, control, restraint and projection at the same time. It comes from the core, your gut and a place of feeling to exude the kind of power you need to pull that off. It comes from your soul!

Start singing with some of your favorite singers and try to mimic the belting that they do. Do not strain and if you need help, you can always find a professional vocal coach to help you along the way. Make sure you do it right, because if you do it incorrectly, you will feel it in your throat and will cause damage. Listen to Milenia Prince performing “One and Only” at the 805’s Got Talent Show, notice she belts in just the right places.


Middle C, E flat, and G walk into a bar. “Sorry,” the barman said. “We don’t serve minors.”

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