• Michelle Ostrove

How To Change The Sound of Your Singing Voice

A singer can alter the sound of their voice by different movements in the vocal tract. Think of your vocal tract as having two containers of air. The first container (the smaller one) is in front of the tongue and the second one is container is behind the tongue (the larger one).

These containers of air vibrate at certain pitches. The smaller container of air has higher pitches, while the larger container of air has lower pitches. These containers of air vibrate at different pitches. The pitch will change as the container’s change in size or shape, or if the opening changes in size and shape.

By moving the jaw, tongue, lips, larynx, soft palate or pharynx in different ways; this will change the size and shape of the containers. The end result is a change in the sound of your singing voice. As a vocalist you can alter any sounds by manipulating the shape of different parts of the vocal tract. The change in size or shape of the containers will change by altering each part of the vocal tract.

Listen to Leylani Busiello sing “Driver’s License” in her very own unique sound and creative way.


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