How To Choose the Right Music to Sing or Play

Updated: Mar 15

Choosing the right style of music to sing or play (on the piano or any other instrument), all depends on the individual. I’ve learned over the years if a client does not connect to the music, they are not going to put 100% into it and they will not practice. Many artists have been put into a genre box to fit what the label wants to produce. Through that process the artist will lose their passion and excitement for the music because they are not connecting to the product they are producing and end up losing themselves in the process.

Many clients have surprised me; they have a desire to sing a certain type of music but their vocals do not match the genre; through their desire and determination they accomplish their goal. If a singer really loves a certain style of music, they can be taught the techniques for that particular genre. For instance, singing country is not the same as singing pop or musical theatre; a singer will use different techniques, articulation, enunciation and more.

I’ve had clients come in with the desire to sing rock and their voice is more of a sweet and gentle style. Through their passion, determination and lessons, they accomplished the transition and came out on the rock side of singing with a uniquely different sound.

The world of music is wonderfully diverse, and naturally gifted singers can learn any style of music to sing, but it is best to go with your natural strengths. Good singers know how to adjust their timbre, volume and overall expression to best suit the style of music. They also know to avoid genres, which are not good for their voice.

A good vocal coach can be very helpful, pointing you in the right direction of the sound and techniques needed for a certain style. It is important that you choose to sing or play the music you connect to inside your soul.


“The first time I sang in the church choir, 200 people changed their religion.” Fred Allen

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