• Michelle Ostrove


When it comes to singing ad-libs, it’s very easy to over critique yourself. It’s much more productive to focus on what you are feeling than all the technical stuff. It’s about digging deep inside and expressing your emotions. Throw away the idea of making everything perfect and being polished, be fluid with your voice.

Melisma is a group of notes that are used to sing one syllable of text; one single syllable with lots of notes. If your brain is focused on technique, you will lose the creative truth you are trying to convey. You need to live in that moment and sing that truth the way you feel it. Once you’ve mastered the proper technique and range, now it’s time to express what you feel in a song. You now have the vocal liberty to paint the picture with your vocal paint brush. In the creative process, do not even think about perfection, but for the finished product, polish the song and work out all the kinks. If you are going to ad lib, do it right. Accuracy is important when it comes to recording the song.

This video was taken many years ago and I apologize for the poor quality, but close your eyes and listen to the voice, as she builds the song and her vocal choices…absolutely stunning vocal performance by a nine-year-old. We worked on technique and all the technically correct things for over a year. We were now at a phase of ad-libbing and having fun with runs (see blog “Learn How To Sing Like Ariana Grande!) and riffs (see blog 8/30/20 “The Difference Between A Run & Riff”); making the song her own. Listen to Koko sing “One And Only”, the ad-libbing (riffs and runs) was played with for two weeks, and then rehearsed, making sure all the intricate and separated notes are accurate and on pitch for two weeks. Just close your eyes and listen!


What musical keys do cows sing in? Beef flat.

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