How To Develop A Good Musical Ear

If you can listen to a song on the radio and sing it (on pitch) or play it back, you have a good musical ear. If you can play back the drum rhythm, or identify the difference types of sound effects & instruments, you have been training your ears while listening to the music.

As a musician, one of the greatest influences will be the music you listen to. It shapes the way you write and subconsciously influences your thoughts.

Whether you are a singer or pianist, it is important to develop your musical ear. Rarely do you find a talented pianists with a good musical ear. This is probably because piano music, particularly classical music, can be so complex that one must have excellent music reading skills to learn it. As a result, many pianists rely on their reading ability to the detriment of their musical ear.

Here are some ways to develop your musical ear:

- Turn the radio on to a familiar tune.

- Listen to the drums and figure out the groove pattern.

- Try to figure out what the keyboard or piano is playing.

- Try to figure out what the background singers are singing.

- What kind of strumming (fast/slow) and what pattern is the guitar playing.

- Now turn the radio off and imagine hearing the melody in your head

- Now try to sing the melody out loud.


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