If you desire to sing beautifully, you need to work on some basic vocal exercises that will give you a well-rounded singing voice. There are many ways to build flexibility and develop stamina to tackle difficult songs. All of this happens through daily practice! Let’s look at some of the ways you can build your vocal technique.

Learning how to sing many different scales, major, minor and harmonic minor scales really help with versatility. A singer can use these scales to help with runs or riffs; working on runs and riffs will give you more vocal tools to express yourself musically. Another area to practice is musical intervals, which are the distance between two notes. Learning how to sing the scales and intervals with various vowel sounds and dynamics (loudness and softness) will help develop good balance in your voice.

The other areas to work on are articulation, which is another word for diction or annunciation, “the formation of clear and distinct sounds,” working with different rhythms, staccato (short accented note), legato (to sing smoothly and connected) and vibrato are all areas you want to develop. Scales, intervals, riffs, staccatos, legato, vibrato and different rhythms are all used when playing the piano and any other instruments. Developing these skills will give you more vocal flexibility to express yourself vocally without any problems. Listen to Lexie Torres singing “One and Only” which has many of the vocal techniques we just discussed.


What does a Steinway?

About 800 pounds!

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