• Michelle Ostrove

How To Develop Your Head Voice

Singers who naturally sing in their chest or middle voice sometimes find it hard to find or sing in their head voice. Finding your head voice will take some exploration. Think of a siren (from an ambulance) making that “WEE-OWW” sound, now you try making that sound. Another way to access the head voice is if someone truly scared you and you screamed out of fear, it would be a high-pitched sound that is your head voice. Most people have a head voice, it’s just learning how to access it or feel it. Once you realize where it is and how it feels the mental block disappears.

Before learning to sing in your head voice, learn how to speak in your head voice. I know when I get nervous my voice gets higher in pitch unintentionally. Try reading a children’s book like “Little Red Riding Hood” and copy the wolf, posing as the grandmother, with that high pitched voice. Another way to feel it and access it is through vocal exercises like the bubble (lip trills) or the “R” Roll (tongue trills). Bubble through those high notes in a song and focus on what it feels like.

Start singing in your head voice lightly and get use to the feeling. Use your vocal exercises to go a little higher each week. Let it gradually happen and before you know it, you will be using your head voice without even thinking about it. Also, find a singer that is within your vocal range and listen to the way they access and use their head voice. Your vocal cord stretch thinner as you ascend into your head voice, which means the width of the vocal cords are more narrower. Listen to some of Adel’s songs, she has a lower range, but does hit some high notes


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