How do you find the weak areas in your voice? The perfect solution is to record yourself. You don’t need a professional recording from a studio, just use voice memo or whatever your phone uses to record; computers also have a way to record your voice as you sing.

As you listen to yourself, you need to analyze your voice, as if you were listening to someone else. Don’t go down a critical path, think of yourself as a judge listening to someone else’s voice. Have a lyric sheet handy and highlight the places where the notes are off; listen for shifts in the voice. Examine your singing line by line, phrase by phrase.

If you recognize your weaknesses you can work on the solutions. The only way to fix problem areas are to practice daily, make sure you warm us, do breathing exercises and invest in your voice. Taking voice lessons by a professional vocal coach will lead you in the right direction. You do not want to create bad singing habits that you will have to fix later on. Learn how to sing the correct way from the start.

If you look at your voice as an instrument, you will begin taking care of your voice. If you play piano, you take care of it by keeping it clean, in tune and well maintained. To keep your voice in good shape drinking plenty of water, don’t smoke, don’t scream or strain your voice; take care of your voice as if it were a million dollar diamond!

Listen to Heaven Herrera (13 years old) singing “Hallelujah” with a beautiful, angelic voice.


Why did the tortilla chip start dancing? Because they put on the salsa.

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