• Michelle Ostrove


Here are some tips on how to submit a demo to the record label and create the best chance of getting signed.

Select the songs you’re the most proud of to send to the record company. Let your friends listen to the songs you’ve chosen and get their feedback. If you choose the tracks you love and they like them, the A&R Representative will ask to hear more of your songs. You will need to upload your chosen songs to something like Soundcloud and get the links to your songs.

You need to put together a professional email with an amazing subject line to get their attention. Make sure you include: who you are, tell them what your music is about, track descriptions, press shots, album art, and the links to your songs. Make sure the subject line is unforgettable because they get a lot of submission snd yours has to stand out from the rest!

Submit to as many record label A&R Departments as you can. The more you choose the better chances of getting signed by the label. Allow some time to get responses and be responsive to all replies. Always be professional!


What is a robot’s favorite kind of music?

Heavy Metal!

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