• Michelle Ostrove

How To Have a Professional and Crisp Sound When Singing

We all instinctively know a good singing voice from a bad one. You can immediately make your voice sound better by enunciating your words the right way. Good singers have clear enunciation.

To master good diction, a singer needs to craft each syllable precisely as intended. Enunciating is more that just pronouncing words clearly, it’s expressing the words well. I tell my clients to close out your words; for instance, the word “flight,” make sure you can slightly hear the “t” at the end of the word.

The act of enunciating differs with each genre of music. Rock and pop music, diction is a little more relaxed. When you hear Rhianna sing, she enunciates her words a little differently because of her Caribbean accent. Celine Dion has a French accent and you can hear it in her diction as well.

Practicing your enunciation is an easy way to improve your singing voice, and get better at conveying your lyrical message! Listen to “Broadway” Brogan Gallagher singing “I Dreamed A Dream” with beautiful enunciation.


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