• Michelle Ostrove


What does it mean to have vocal control when you are singing? Vocal control is about having the ability to do what you want to do with your voice and the control over every note while singing. Basically, it is mastering the vital foundations of a vocal performance. Vocal control gives you the ability to perfect all aspects of your voice.

Let’s begin with breath, air pressure and diaphragm support which are the key to being able to control your voice. This core support helps with high notes, low notes, runs, riffs, vibrato, sustaining a note, ad-libs, slides, belting and so much more. To be able to control each of these techniques there must be a solid support system activated in your core. You feel a tightening (compression, kind of like a stomach crunch) of the muscles in your stomach and rib cage - chest area.

Vocal exercises will help accomplish your goals and strengthen vocal control. Try doing the bubble (sometimes called motor boat or lip trills) and get through one riff with one breath. Now try to do get through two rounds of the exercise with one breath and keep challenging yourself to use less and less air until you are able to get through three or four riffs with one breath. Breathing exercises are a terrific way to calm you, improve your state of mind and strengthen vocal control.


Want to hear the joke about a staccato? Never mind, it’s too short.

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