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How To Hit A High Note Without Sliding Up To It!

Updated: Feb 17

As a vocalist, you want to completely control your voice and enable yourself to sing the song exactly the way you feel it. Sometimes scooping up to a note can make a singer sound flat. It’s important to know how to hit a high note with perfection (without riding up to it) and make it sound effortless.

There are a few ways to help in this process. First, if you play piano, try intervals. Start an octave lower and work on hitting the note an octave higher. Then try a fifth below the note and start on the low note and go up to the note you want to hit. Another way is to play the exact note you are trying to hit on the piano (or with a pitch pipe) and just hit that note with your voice over and over. Try different vowel sounds to see which is easier to hit the note. Both of these methods really work, but you have to work at it daily until you are hitting the note perfectly every time you sing it.

There is a technique called scooping (used in Pop and Jazz music), which is when a singer scoops up to the note. A singer will start on a pitch below the note they want to sing and slide up to the note. It can also be called glissando, which means to glide up to the note. The problem is, sometimes scooping or glissando can make a singer sound flat.

Vocal exercises can help you master both ways of hitting a note. Ask your vocal coach which exercises they recommend for this technique. I use octave jump exercises as well as interval exercises for my clients which are found on my Vocal CD on my website.

Listen to Sophia Johnson singing “Vanilla Ice Cream” in her voice lesson she worked on hitting the note for “Ice” (Ice cream) in the chorus with no scoop. Try it! It’s not as easy as it seems. Make sure you sing the note the correct way, do not yell, use your breath and diaphragm support to sing the chorus correctly!


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