How To Improve Your Tone!

Vocal tone is the sound of your voice as you sing. You have a unique and different voice than anyone else because of the natural shape of your vocal tract. That is why families that sing together blend well; their physical structure is similar.

You can work on changing your tone to sound more pleasing to the ear. The way you shape your lips, tongue, and jaw will create different sounds. Here is an example, try singing the word “buh” with a smile, now shape your mouth like an O and sing “buh”, now drop the jaw has you sing “buh”. Each time you will have a slightly different sound.

A daily workout for your voice will strengthen your vocal cords, improve your vocal range, and develop a better vocal tone. You should practice singing for at least thirty minutes a day. Musical tones are the notes you sing and vocal tone is how you sound when you sing. Daily exercises will help develop better tone.

Experimenting with different types of music will give you a more in depth understanding of how to shape your tone. For instance, when you listen to country there is a completely different tone in a singers voice compared to rock. Study your roll models and how they shape the words and tone. Listen to Audrey Diaz singing "When I Was Your Man" with a distinctly different and unique tone.


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