How To Make A Performance (Singing or Piano) Look Easy

An insane amount of work goes into making a performance look easy. Whenever an artist performs there is a lot of preparation that goes into the performance. People want to hear a singer or pianist who will make it sound easy. The words and notes need to flow out from them effortlessly in a natural way. This helps the listener feel relaxed.

If the singer is straining their vocal cords and throat, or a pianist is trying too hard playing each note, it’s hard for the listeners to enjoy the performance, as they instinctively start feeling tension themselves. To prevent this from happening, be well prepared to perform a song. This will build your confidence as well as help create a smooth and seemingly effortless performance. Tension or strain in your chest, throat, jaw, or vocal cords will make it much harder to breathe, pitch and support notes properly. Although it may be hard when you’re just starting out, the best thing you can do for your voice or playing piano is: relax your body!

Listen to Leylani Busiello sing “Obvious” so effortlessly.


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