How To Play Piano & Sing at The Same Time (Part 1)

Singing and playing piano at the same time takes practice. It’s hard because you are multitasking, doing both at the same time. The key is to play chords on the piano, one or two notes in the left hand and three or more in the right hand. A chord is three or more notes played or sung at the same time (blocked chord) or three notes played separately (broken chord). Chords add texture and depth to a melody and they are also called triads.

There are countless possible combinations to be made with notes in a chord, resulting in the most diverse chords, which are also called inversions. Each chord has a given name (they are defined by their root note) and layering with several other tones (notes) played simultaneously. The most frequently played chords consist of three notes: the root (let’s use C), and the other two in intervals of a third (which would be E) and a fifth (which would be G).

Not only do chords add depth to a melody, but can even provide rhythm to a song. A chord structure is also use for harmonies in a song. Listen to MC (Marie Claire) de Martino

sing and play “You and I”.


What’s the difference between Terrorists and Accordion players?

Terrorists have sympathizers

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