• Michelle Ostrove

How To Play Piano & Sing at The Same Time (Part 2)

Artists like Lady Gaga and Elton John make play piano and singing at the same time seem so effortless, but doing this takes time and practice to truly master! It’s very easy to lose concentration on one, while focusing on the other. It’s a delicate dance trying to focus on your voice and playing the right notes on the piano simultaneously. Mastering this skill right will take plenty of practice.

The first thing to do is begin with correct posture. Sitting up straight not only looks better, but it helps your voice and breathing. Make sure you position your mic correctly so that it creates proper posture. Your mic should be placed in the correct height and distance from mouth to promote a straight spine.

Practice your vocals and the piano separately; work out any problems with each one. Once you feel comfortable, put them together. Practicing simultaneously, focus on the voice the first time and the second time around focus on the piano. It’s important to practice regularly; otherwise your progress will take much longer. I have attached Robin Munson (singer - songwriter) performing "One & Only" and changing the pop song to country!


Perfect Pitch: When you throw a viola into the toilet and it doesn't hit the sides.

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