How To Put A Spark In Your Singing!!

For most singers, singing comes naturally and you don’t consciously make decisions to control your voice. Often you will sing freely without paying attention to what your voice sounds like. To create a polished and professional sound, it’s all in the controlled details.

There is a gap between the two vocal cords (folds), which is called the glottis. The vocal cords open and close like a curtain. The ligaments and muscles move the vocal cords to opened and closed, create tension and make the vocal cords hold together closely.

Vocal onset (there are three vocal onsets) is the way you start at the beginning of a note. The hard attack of a note is when a singer causes the vocal cords to hit together, creating a specific sound. Rock singers use this technique (hard attack or glottal attack); it is used to belt out emphasis (make sure you use diaphragmatic support when doing this). A hard attack on the note creates a strong sound to start the note. It’s important to be selective as to where you use this technique. Pick the words you want to emphasize. Please use a vocal coach to work on this technique, you can injure your voice by doing it incorrectly.

Listen to Audrey Diaz singing “Talking To The Moon” you can hear exactly what I’m talking about.


What do you call a guitar player that only knows two chords? A music critic

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