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How To Read Music (Part 1)

The picture attached is called the treble staff, which consists of five lines and four spaces (Middle C sits below the staff). It includes of all the notes from middle C, moving to the right, up to F on the top line. The treble clef (or G clef) is the music symbol on the left side of the staff.

In the beginning, to help you remember the lines on the staff, use this saying “Every Good Boy Does Fine”. You can see on the attached picture, the notes on the five lines are E,G,B,D,F with middle C is at the bottom and A above the staff.

To remember the spaces, use the FACE. You can see on the attached picture the notes on the right are F,A,C,E with D below the staff and G above the staff. If you merges the notes in one line they would be in alphabetical order middle C all the way up above the staff to A.

When playing the notes on the piano, you start with middle C, moving to the right, (going up the piano) one white key at a time in alphabetical order. If you were to sing the notes, starting with middle C. it would sound like Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, which would take you to the C in the third space. The next blog will be about the Bass Staff.


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