How To Read Music (Part 2)

The bass clef staff is made up of five lines and four spaces, just like the treble clef staff.

If you look at the picture attached, you will see the middle C note on a line (middle C has a leger line going through the middle of the note). The note below middle C is B, which is on a space. This pattern of line – space – line – space continues all the way down the bass clef staff, just like the treble clef staff.

The bass staff has a music symbol on the left side; it is called the bass clef. The bass clef staff uses the same concepts as the treble clef staff (See Reading Music Part I), but the names of the lines and spaces are different. To remember the lines in the staff, use this common mnemonics phrase “Good Boys Do Fine Always”. You can see in the bass staff picture, the notes on the five lines are G,B,D,F,A with E below the staff and middle C above the staff.

To remember the spaces, use the phrase “All Cows Eat Grass”. You can see in the attached picture, the notes on the right are A,C,E,G with F below the staff and B above the staff. If you merge the notes (line-space-line-space) they are in alphabetical order, starting with low E (on a line) up to middle C (on a line), which is above the staff.


So the bass clef said to the treble clef…Don't take that tone with me.

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