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How To Really Create A Moment In Your Singing or Playing Piano!

Expression marks are symbols used to describe modifications in music, such as increase or decrease in volume (dynamics) or tempo (speed of the music), breaks in rhythm and how to play a note. To really create a moment of emphasis in your singing or playing piano staccato or staccatissimo are used.

A staccato (detached note) or staccatissimo (very detached note) are used to emphasize individual notes for texture and color in a song. The approach to a staccato note, for piano and singing, is a short attack and rapid release. A staccato is a type of emphasis on a note; it is short and quick and the staccatissimo is very short and very quick. The note is to be played or sung sharply detached and separated from the other notes. In music notation it looks like a dot placed above or below the note head (not to the right of a note, that is a dotted note).

When playing staccato on the piano, think of your fingers jumping off the piano keys like a jumping bean, but don’t let them rise too high otherwise you might lose your place on the piano. The fingers leave the keys without sustaining the sound. Try doing scales using the staccato technique, it’s a great way practice and master the skill

Staccato for a singer is performed beautifully in “The Magic Flute – Queen of the Night (Mozart; Diana Damrau, The Royal Opera),” it’s absolute breath-taking control in her voice. They are short, quick, loud, and detached notes being sung. This takes perfect breath control and diaphragm support to be able to do this. The staccato brings in an element of emotion, more of an aggressive and boisterous feeling. Listen to The Magic Flute about :40 seconds in and listen to those staccatos! Now imagine if you were trying to play them on the piano!

Joke For The Day:

Why did the chicken join the band?

Because he had the drumsticks!

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