• Michelle Ostrove

How To Sharpen Your Singing & Piano Skills

Managing your time is important for all aspects of life, but as a musician and vocalist managing your practice time is a must. Use your practice time to learn how to read music, which is a key element to be an accomplished vocalist and instrumentalist. Sharpening your musical skills happens during practice time and in voice or piano lessons.

For the pianist, practicing different types of scales, chords (inversions), arpeggios (broken chords spanning an octave or more) strengthening finger coordination should be a daily routine. For a singer, doing the vocal exercises, which involves scales, broken chords, arpeggios and runs (which can be chromatic scales) are all designed to strengthen different aspects of the voice. After the exercises, it’s time to practice the songs. Practice the old songs that you love and then practice something new and challenging. Practicing piano or voice should be between 30 minutes and three to four hours per day; beginners have a shorter practice time and slowly build up to 30 minutes. As you work on and finish new songs, add the new song to your list of songs to practice. You can see how your practice time continues to increase as you advance in your training. Remember if you don’t use it, you will lose it!

Always challenge yourself; take on challenging songs to play or sing. If you don’t up your game, you will cease to improve. There is always something to improve and work on, no matter where you are, beginner or professional musician.


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