How To Sing Rock Music The Right Way!

Singing with good technique is essential no matter what genre you are singing. That means you must use excellent technique when singing rock music. It is similar to the technique used to singing classical music.

There are three elements for a great rock voice. The first element for an amazing rock sound is blending both the chest and head voice together (mixed voice), which will give you a full and solid sound (See 10/27 blog “Singing in a Mixed Voice). If you sing rock music incorrectly you are yelling, which will eventually destroy your voice. Yelling is what happens when rock vocalists try to get aggressive without a good solid foundation in vocal technique.

The second element is engaging your diaphragm, which will launch your voice into a strong and powerful chest voice sound. Your vocal power comes from the diaphragm, not your throat (See 8/28 blog “Singing With Power”).

The last element is just as important; having strong resonance to give your voice that plangency sound it needs to ring. Resonance will come from your placement of sound, positioning your voice more towards the nasal cavities (See 10/31 blog “Singing With Beautiful Resonance”).

Rock singing is one of the most physically demanding genre’s to sing. The music style is so high in energy; it requires a lot of physicality. I get exhausted just watching Mick Jagger! One of my favorite male rock singers is Christian Erik, his band is Late Night Union. Listen to the video attached “Gila Monster”; his vocal technique is superb!


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