How To Use Your Chest Voice

The chest register refers to the natural manner of action of the vocal folds. The majority of talking is done in this register. When you sing in your “chest voice” you should feel more vibration around your lower neck, and sternum.

Most men speak entirely within their chest voice, while most women use both their chest and middle voices to speak; this is referred to as “speech level”. It begins and ends in different places for everyone, depending on your voice category or type (bass, tenor, alto, soprano). That’s why it is important to figure out your range and to identify your voice type. Using your chest voice properly will result in a full, strong, warm & rich sound; most similar to your speaking voice tone.

Here is an exercise to help you with the chest voice: begin speaking in your normal voice. As you begin speaking, slowly transition the words into the "ooh" sound. You should feel resonance in your lower neck and chest. Listen to Dayna Thorn belting out "Lonely Times" using her chest voice!


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