• Michelle Ostrove


There is nothing more exciting than a state of “flow” when you are singing or playing the piano. This happens when your inspiration and motivation align. Playing or singing the right notes can make or break your performance. A musician’s block can manifest in several ways. Have you ever had trouble singing certain notes or getting through a section of the music. The same thing happens with musicians; It’s possible to continually practice the same song over and over, and each time you make the same mistakes.

Whether it’s singing through a section of notes that move from one register to another, or playing a few measures in a song on the piano and you keep messing up in the same section. At this point, it’s a mental thing! You can have all the talent in the world and still deal with a mental block performing a song

What causes musician’s block…many things! Some of the main issues are stress, lack of confidence, fatigue, or trying to learn a large amount at one time. As a vocal coach, one of my voice clients was convinced he could not sing a certain note in a song, but I knew it was in his range. After working on hitting the note a few times and accomplishing nothing, I switched gears and started a vocal exercise that had him singing above the note and come down to the note he thought was impossible to sing. When he hit the note, I stopped and said” that is the same note in the song that you said you could not hit.” He was floored and realize it’s a mental thing!

Many piano students deal with the same issue playing through a song. There is that one section you cannot seem to play through correctly. When you hit that wall, it’s time to back away from the song and move on to something else. When you come back to the song, chuck it down into small sections. Working harder and longer is not the answer. Efficiency and creativity come from different parts of the brain.

Remember, you can do it, you just have to work through it. Find the best time of day to practice morning, afternoon or evening will also help.


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