• Michelle Ostrove

Learn How to Hold Notes Longer!

Do you struggle holding notes in a song. In order to be a great singer, you need to be able to support a note for a sustained length of time. While you are holding the note you must maintain control, quality of sound and stay on pitch.

If you are unable to hold a note for any length of time, you are not alone. It’s due to a few simple fundamental that need to be corrected. The first issue is your breathing. When you inhale your stomach muscles should expand, breathe into your belly, which engages the diaphragm. Using the diaphragm gives your voice power and stamina. When you get to the end of a phrase and run out of air, try and take a quick breath before holding the long note. It’s best if you try to sing through the entire phrase with one breath and that should be your goal. Work on using less air before getting to that endnote.

The second issue is lack of breath and diaphragm support. One common reason for singers having a hard time with holding long notes is they use too much air when they sing. A singer really doesn’t need a lot of air to sustain a note. You want to have better control with the airflow by using the diaphragm. Using the diaphragm, stomach muscles and muscles around the ribcage increases the control of airflow and allows you to use less air while singing through a musical phrase.

I tell my clients to challenge themselves with exercises. Try getting through as many riffs of the exercise (bubble also called lip trills) with one breath. Another challenge is to see how long you can hold a note and continue to try and hold it longer each time you do it, time it and make notes of your progress.


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