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Learn How To Sing Like Ariana Grande!

Updated: Mar 14

Many popular singers like Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake and many other Pop and R&B singers have made vocal enhancement a hallmark of their singing style. What is a vocal enhancement? Vocal runs are one form of vocal enhancement. A vocal run is when a singer will use a melodic sequence of notes to enhance the melody of a song. Runs are a fast moving line of notes that takes skill to cleanly sing the arrangement of notes with precision and speed.

It’s really simple to learn how to sing a run, but it does take some patience and practice. Start off breaking down the run a few notes at a time and add a few more until you can sing each note precisely. Start singing the notes slowly and once you’ve mastered singing them slowly and precisely start increasing the tempo. Don’t use any music, just singing the notes and try to record yourself to make sure you have all the notes correctly executed.

You can also switch the vowel sound (from an Oo to an Ah or an Ah to an Ee) to enhance the sound of the run and make it easier to sing; just make sure you are actually singing the correct notes! If you have a piano or keyboard, you can find the notes playing the piano. Again, play the notes slowly while singing along. Try using a metronome (you can find different sounding metronomes on youtube) to gradually increase the tempo. Start the metronome at 70 bpm (beats per minute) and speed up the 100 bpm until you reached 170 bpm or faster. As a vocal coach, I work with many clients cultivating this technique in voice lessons. It’s actually a lot of fun!

Listen to (mini Ariana Grande) Lexie Torres sing "Safety Net," with many runs in the song!


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