Learn to Relax Your Vocal Cords

Every athlete warms up before a game to avoid strain or injury; It’s no different with the voice. The best way to relax and loosen up your vocal chords is to warm up the voice before singing…always warm up!!

Breathing from your diaphragm releases vocal cord tension. If you lie down and place your hands on your tummy, breath in and your hands should rise on inhale and fall on exhale. Your chest should not move. Whenever you sing, some of your throat tightness can be lack of breath support. When you run out of air, you will try to support your voice with other related muscles. This will cause strain and tightness.

Always bring water to a lesson or have water available when you are practicing. Keeping your vocal cords hydrated is essential for relieving any vocal strain. Water helps thin the mucus providing lubrication and protection to your vocal cords as they vibrate.

When you sing, it is important to keep the throat relaxed; the feeling is similar to a yawn. When your throat muscles are relaxed, your vocal sound can pass through the vocal tract without obstruction. There are stretches and self-massage techniques to relieve vocal stain and tension for the neck and jaw.

So remember to warm up your voice before singing. Always use the diaphragm for breath support (see the blog “Singing With Power” 8/28/20). Make sure you drink plenty of water for hydration and relax those throat muscles


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