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Learning Music at Any Age

Updated: Jan 20

Music has an indescribable power over us. It can evoke feelings in us within a matter of seconds. It can bring back memories in the blink of an eye. The connection that we have with music drives us to learn how to play an instrument (piano) or sing a song.

My students have ranged from 6 to 70. Yes, children are like a sponge and don’t over think things. But adults can advance faster because of previously acquired skills and intellectual abilities. Age is not a factor, or the instrument you choose, piano or voice (and yes your voice is an instrument), the key is consistent practice.

I have found with voice, it’s better to start younger (7yrs depending on reading ability) because the child has not formed any bad singing habits. Teaching someone to sing the correct way, right from the start, makes an amazing difference. If someone has acquired bad singing or piano habits, you have to break the bad habits and teach proper technique, which takes much longer. So, it’s never to late to expand your mental horizon!

The video attached is Koko Higa singing "I'm Not The Only One" making the song her own. Koko started lessons at age 7. You can see previous videos on youtube.


What do you call a guitar player without a girlfriend?


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